A belief is a thought you have chosen to think, over & over again.

What thoughts are you choosing to believe about YOU?


I am enough, Just as I am!

Practicing the new thought, "I am enough just as I am," is critical to healing from betrayal trauma, abuse and or divorce. Betrayal can deeply rupture your sense of self-worth, value and lovability.

Believing that YOU ARE ENOUGH, regardless of external circumstances or others' actions, is a powerful step towards healing those deep wounds.

It can also feel IMPOSSIBLE to believe right now. I get it.

Whether you stay in the relationship or not, this is a foundational part of your healing work and learning how to not just THINK it but FEEL the truth of this takes practice.


I am the Chooser in my life.

You didn’t choose your trauma and you didn’t choose betrayal and or divorce to be in your future. There are many losses and things that you can’t control and that can feel very powerless. 

Stepping into healing starts with stepping into empowerment. Start making choices where you do have power to control. 

Being the chooser in your life can also be SCARY! Let's begin practicing by consciously choosing things that are less emotionally activating. For example, being the CHOOSER over what you eat, when you sleep, and choosing to take a bath! 

Believing that you CAN CHOOSE starts with practicing to use those words.


If I could trust myself here, and know that I've got my back, what would I do?

This practice thought is a powerful and empowering tool for rebuilding SELF-TRUST after betrayal. This thought can help to bridge the gap between the fear and difficulty of trusting yourself again.

When betrayal shatters our trust in others and ourselves, it can be challenging to take steps forward and make decisions. The deep impact of betrayal can make us doubt our judgment and intuition, leaving us hesitant to trust ourselves again.

Believing that you CAN TRUST starts with trusting YOURSELF first.


I'm only in charge of MY business

The practice thought, "I'm only in charge of my business," is a powerful concept from Byron Katie that can lead to a profound shift in perspective and mindset.

It's a reminder that there are only three types of business in the world: YOUR business, OTHER PEOPLE'S business, and GOD'S business. 

This can feel hard, scary and even dangerous when other's are saying things about you or to your children that's NOT TRUE! I get it.

Believing that what YOU think and feel is all that matters sets you up for healing, freedom and brings peace back in your life.


Its okay to FEEL my feelings

The practice thought, "It's OK to feel my feelings," is a powerful and liberating affirmation that can help you develop healthier emotional maturity. We often resist, react or avoid these harder or more 'negative' experiences.

Emotions are neither good, bad, right, or wrong. FEELING is HEALING.

Believing that it's OK to FEEL in your body all the emotions that are there, allows you to process them in a healthy way leading you to growth and empowerment.


Stop. Breath. GO!

The practice thought, " Stop. Breath. GO!" is a great one to remind you to SLOW DOWN!

Healing can't happen when you run your central nervous system into the ground!

It's hard to stop when you believe that if you do, it will all come crashing down. I get it.

Believing that you can STOP for a moment and wiggle your toes, name a few colors in sight. Take a deep BREATH or two and expand the belly allowing for you brain to get more oxygen. Then GO forward one step at a time with a little bit more grounding and intention.