A little about me... My life has not always been pretty. The decision to end an 18-year marriage was not easy. I worked hard for years trying to "fix" my marriage.

However, I knew it was necessary in order for me to be whole again. It was a life saving divorce. Learning to trust myself, believe once again in my intuitions, and value my worth was priceless.

Let's Get Real About Single Moms and ...


Life as a single mom is nothing short of being a superhero in my opinion!

I felt like one most of the time. I was running kids to all their activities, school, doctors, friends, and the “Hey mom I forgot I need a poster board for school tomorrow” midnight run to the store. I cooked when I was home, still got the laundry done and actually put away most days, and I have fond memories of watching the bachelorette and eating chocolate cake with my girls on the weekends.

Then comes the tidal wave of sheer exhaustion that levels me. I’d go and go until I hit the wall and sometimes that would be in the most random places. My girls thought it was funny and loved to record some of those random crashes. I still love them.

I want you to know you are not alone, I want you to know you are capable and amazing and can do this. I know, you might not believe this right now and that’s ok. I’d love to show you your superpowers and help you keep rocking single motherhood, in all your mess and dead tired crashes- you are doing it exactly as you are supposed to!

The Real Amie Woolsey

Fun Facts About Me

• I'm a HUGE baseball fan- GO REDS!

• I am the oldest child of 7

• I can touch my tongue to the tip of my nose

• If you put raspberries with anything I'll eat it

• I have a baking and pastry arts degree

• I have always loved the outdoors, fishing, backpacking, camping and in the last couple years I have learned to hunt and love it

• Scott says I snore, I think he's lying

• I love the opera

• I enjoy good sarcasm and love to laugh

• Pizza is my favorite food group

Believe You Are Enough

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